Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Texas Rollergirls 2007 Whammy Awards

And the winner is...

League Awards

Best Blocker: Rice Rocket
Best Pivot: Tinkerhell
Best Jammer: Rice Rocket

Team Categories

Hell Marys
Best Blocker: Derringer
Best Pivot: Sparkle Plenty
Best Jammer: Buckshot Betsy

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
Best Blocker: Belle Starr
Best Pivot: Trouble
Best Jammer: Olivia Shootin' John

Hot Rod Honeys
Best Blocker: Lucille Brawl
Best Pivot: Cat Tastrophe
Best Jammer: Rice Rocket

Best Blocker: Curvette
Best Pivot: Slim Kickins
Best Jammer: Dynah-Mite

Best Blocker: Rice Rocket
Best Pivot: Cat Tastrophe
Best Jammer: Rice Rocket

Other Awards
League MVP: Rice Rocket
No. 1 Texas Rollergirl Fan: The Roll Aides
Best League Spirit: Radioactive
Best Rookie: Lady X
Miss Texas Rollergirl: Lucille Brawl
Best Assets: Shank
Most True to Her Skater Name: Radioactive

Fan Votes
Favorite Texas Rollergirl: Grudge Judy
Most Ruthless on the Track: Derringer
Hottest of the Hot: Tie - Dynah-Mite and Buckshot Betsy
Best Take-Down: Slim Kickins versus Sparkle Plenty
Fave DJ: DJ El Jefe
Fave Band: Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys
Fave Announcer: Whiskey L'Amour

Worker Bee certificates were also awarded. All five-year veterans received a long-service award.

And pictures, of course:
Austin Chronicle photo montage

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