Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mayor Will Wynn Proclaims Texas Rollergirls Flat Track Derby Days

That's right! It's official! September 29 & 30 are Texas Rollergirls
Flat Track Derby Days in the ATX. Yeeha and Hell, yeah!

Here's the text of the Proclamation:

Be it known that

The Texas Rollergirls became the first Flat Track Roller Derby league in 2003 and are the current National Champions defending their title at the 2007 Texas Shootout; and

We welcome teams from Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, New York City, Raleigh, Seattle, and Tucson who are also vying for the title of WFTDA Champions during the two-day derby event at the Austin Convention Center; and

We are proud of our local skater-owned team who are known for their athleticism and showmanship. We encourage all Austinites to support them as they battle it out for top honors at the Women's Flat Track Derby National Championship

Now, Therefore,
I, Will Wynn, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas,
do hereby proclaim
September 29-30, 2007
Texas Rollergirls Flat Track Derby Days
in Austin

See y'all in just a few days for the Derby event of the century!

Check for a link to the PDF of the proclamation, in case you want to print one out or share it with envious friends. Visit the Official WFTDA Championships web site ( for details on the Texas

Tickets still available. Get 'em while you can.

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