Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kansas City Roller Warriors win 2007 WFTDA National Champoinship

Underdog KCRW All Stars narrowly defeat the heavily favored Rat City Rollergirls 89-85. The whole tournament was full of upsets. Day one saw both Gotham and Tuscon defeated then Texas Rollergirls easily blew away Windy City while Rat City made people sitting near me ask how Detroit made it this far.

First bout of today Texas Rollergirls lost to Rat City then went on to easily shut down Carolina for third place and now RAT CITY lost to KANSAS CITY! No one was expecting this! Congratulations to the awesome skaters from Kansas City for shaking things up in Austin.

In the words of the live blogger, "Sweet Jesus. If there has ever been a more exciting derby bout, I'll eat my laptop". You can get the jam by jam from the Lead Jammer live blog archives. Click where it says "Come on in".

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