Saturday, November 10, 2007

Atlanta Rollergirls on CNN Headline News

If you missed it, see the video here:

Atlanta Rollergirls Roller Derby League (a founding league of the WFTDA organization), will be featured on CNN Headline News TODAY (Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2007), every half hour during the Headline News Sports segment.

This two-minute feature story will feature background information on the resurgence of a historical full-contact extreme sports for women with an introduction to Flat-Track Roller Derby, as well as a profile of skater Queen Loseyateefa, ARG's outgoing League President, recently voted "Rollergirl of the Year" by her peers.

1:10 and 1:40
2:10 and 2:40
3:10 and 3:40
4:10 and 4:40
(*Please note that these times are Eastern Time; airtimes are 10am-2pm on the West Coast.)

For more information about the national governing body of flat-track roller derby:

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